Shall select the recipient of the REALTOR® of the Year Award. Comprised of past recipients.  Past year’s winner will be Chairperson.

Mickey Peterson, Chairperson 
Bob Angilella                  866-6161             Re/Max Big Bear
Tom Benson                  878-4042              PacifiCrest Real Estate
Kim Boda                        866-4949                    Keller Williams Big Bear
Dennis Bracken             866-4949    Keller Williams Big Bear
Mark Dolan                    584-2202  Realty Executives, Big Bear
Candy Hallstead            866-7538
Kathy Henderson          584-2202                   Realty Executives, Big Bear
Sally Iazeolla                   584-2202               Realty Executives, Big Bear
Donna Jenkins                844-9967     Keller Williams Big Bear
Annette Karnes              866-4949        Keller Williams Big Bear
Jan Maples                      585-6161                  Re/Max Big Bear - Moonridge
Susan McHardy              866-6161        Re/Max Big Bear
Norm Reinik                    878-0600                    Wheeler Steffen Sotheby’s
Janet Stevens-Moore     585-4991    Bruin Trojan Realtors, Inc
Jose Tapia                       866-6161             Re/Max Big Bear
Mieka Thimsen               866-6161                Re/Max Big Bear
Lynn Wheeler                 866-8600   Blue Skies Real Estate
Tyler Wood                     866-3481                  Coldwell Banker/Mountain Gallery
Tim Wood                       866-3481           Coldwell Banker/Mountain Gallery

Review with the Treasurer the expenditures of the Board.  Prepares and reviews a proposed budget to be submitted to the Board of Directors for the ensuing year.  Recommends policy changes in order to keep the Board in a strong fiscal position.

Elaine Haussmann, Treasurer, 909-936-9863,
Bill Young, 909-553-3564,
Ken Simonds, 714-336-1786,
Micky Peterson, 909-915-4959,
Kevin Donoho, 909-831-1519,
Linda Ford, 909-585-8681,

Jessica Guyette, (909)273-5452,       

Plan fundraising event(s) to raise money for annual food drive.  The Committee shall purchase canned food and place Cantree display in an agreed location.  The Committee shall put forth a recommendation to the Board of Directors for disbursement of the funds.        

Becki Wheeler, Chairperson
Myra Doss                                    744-4269                                      
Candy Hallstead                            866-7538              
Cristy Hunt                                   866-4949              
Micky Peterson                              915-4959              
Ann Marie Ruiz                              744-2338              

Research, develop, provide and improve services, materials, programs and techniques that assist members in the conduct of their business.  Plans informative and inspiring speakers covering pertinent Real Estate topics.  Should plan and provide an interesting format which should vary from time to time depending on the Real Estate atmosphere.        

Jamie Wayman, Chairperson       648-4279              

Promote and implement the Associations Equal Opportunity Program in the areas of minority outreach, fair housing, affirmative marketing and fair lending practices. Informs the membership with regard to legislation, legal and regulatory issues related to equal access to housing for individuals, regardless of race or creed. Make periodic reports to the membership on Equal Opportunity matters and report to the Board of Directors, when directed. Provide information to Membership Committee on the concept of Fair Housing to be used at New Membership Orientation.

Chairperson Vacant

Considers all allegations of unethical conduct of violations of the Code of Ethics and/or MLS Rules and Regulation compliance with currently approved guidelines promulgated by the National Association of REALTORS® and the Association of REALTORS®. Makes preliminary investigation and evaluation of a complaint against a member determine whether the validity and substance of the complaint warrants further consideration by Hearing Panel of Professional Standards Committee.

Dennis Bracken, Chairperson      866-4949                                       
Nancy Aurand                                 (714) 514-1176   
Anne Corey                                    866-7775                        
Lee Cravens                                    (714) 514-1176
Greg Pilcher                                    866-4734            
Amie Ruyf                                       866-2327                                         
Ken Simonds                                   (714) 336-1786                           
Paul Zamoyta                                   878-5500      

Informs the membership of local, state, and national governmental activities and legislation which affect our industry.  Recommends legislation to be sponsored.  Informs membership of positions of CAR and NAR on proposed legislation.  Reviews requests for BOR/PAC and CREAPAC funds requests and presents it’s recommendation to the Board of Directors.

Annette Karnes, Chairperson          866-4949                  Keller Williams Big Bear
Nancy Aurand                                     (714) 514-1176         Cravens Realty Group
Priscilla Hagerman                         455-5399                  Tarbell Realtors – FM
Dan Romney                                           (949) 307-4326         Exit Realty
Sylvia Shalmi                                                   856-2804                 Keller Williams Big Bear
Lynn Suhay                                                  (951) 314-6650         Keller Williams Big Bear
Jose Tapia                                            556-8844                  ReMax

Works to ensure growth and quality of membership and seeks to conserve present members.  Formulates indoctrination programs and conducts orientation of new members.

Chairperson Vacant

Supervises the activity and operation of the Multiple Listing Service in accordance with it’s Rules and Regulations, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.  Develops recommended policy and procedures for operation of the Multiple Listing Service.

Mike Sannes, Committee Chair Person            435-5155            Keller Williams BB Village

Will Rahill 645-1949 Keller Williams Big Bear   
Mike Wochner Re/Max Big Bear
Bob Angilella, Re/Max Big Bear
Jane Brayton   915-4980  Mountain Lake Properties, Inc  
Norm Reinik  575-5404 Wheeler Steffen Sotheby’s  
Tom Benson   584-7736  PacifiCrest Real Estate                                    
Assists in the selection of a slate of Officers and Directors for the annual Board Election.  At least two (2) months before annual election the President, with the approval of the Board of Directors shall appoint an Election Committee comprised of one () Director, the Immediate Past President and three (3) REALTOR® Members

Silvia Shalmi, Chairperson                  866-2327                        Keller Williams Big Bear

Enforce the Code of Ethics, discipline and arbitrate matters of the Association.  Hear matters of alleged ethical misconduct by the Association members, or members of the public.

Candy Halstead, Chairperson ,, 866-7538, Wheeler Steffen Sotheby's
Mike Dolan,, 866-4949            Keller Williams Big Bear
Jim Gordon,, 866-6161            RE/Max Big Bear
Kathy Henderson,, 556-6343            RE/Max Big Bear
Cindy Pearson,, 585-2111             Gilligan Log Homes and R.E.
Janet Stevens-Moore,, 585-4991            Bruin Trojan Realtors, Inc
Jeff Waufle,, 585-6161           RE/Max Big Bear

Elaine Haussman​,, (909)936-9863


The Scholarship Committee shall raise money for scholarships, screen and select scholarship recipients.

Nancy Aurand, Chairperson 
Anne Corey                              800-3655            Boulder Bay Real Estate
Myra Doss                         744-4269            Wheeler Steffen Sotheby's
Cristy Hunt                     866-4949            Keller Williams, Big Bear
James Morgan             648-6915            Exit Realty Welcome Home


Assists with the formulation of long range planning or goals for the Big Bear Association of REALTORS®.

Janet StevensMoore, Chairperson            585-4991            Bruin Trojan Realtors, Inc.
Tom Benson                              878-4042            PacifiCrest Real Estate
Jane Brayton                            866-2727            Mountain Lake Properties, IN       
Annette Karnes                 866-4949            Keller Williams Big Bear    
Sylvia Shalmi                             866-4949            Keller Williams Big Bear    
Alaine Uthus                 856-2518            Keller Williams Big Bear
John Wells                                 547-6623            Exit Realty Welcome Home



909-866-5891  |  40861 STONE RD  |  BIG BEAR LAKE, CA 92315

Big Bear Association of Realtors